Erich Stolz

Building on a very successful International Management career in several corporations, Erich has concentrated on helping companies to provide the foundation to grow, turning around or restructure.  Read more...

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About Erich Stolz

Erich Stolz is a multi-dimensional C-level executive with 20+ years of broad-based international  business management experience in several industries.  He has revitalized and managed companies from $3 million up to $612 million in every stage of their life cycle.  His particular strength is in financial management, sales management, and operations. His main focus is centered to strongly improve the company’s overall performance and financial strength - short term and long term.

Building on a very successful management career in several corporations, Erich has concentrated on helping companies to take advantage of market opportunities, providing the foundation to grow, turnaround, or restructure.  Because of these activities, he brings an unusual set of strengths to any company, which may be experiencing rapid growth, internal difficulties, or challenging market conditions.

As senior executive of several companies, he has focused on business growth or restructuring with the primary emphasis on creating value for shareholders, investors, and owners.  He has developed and implemented corporate strategies and business processes, which resulted in significant growth for several different companies, here and abroad.

His Career at a glance:


The Mundy Companies - Interim Executive Vice President + CFO:  2014

A group of 12 companies.

Industrial / technical services, engineering services, plant turnaround, construction, maintenance / facility management, production and material handling services, safety programs, and logistics


Hydratron Inc. – Interim President + Acting CFO:   2012 – 2013

High Pressure Equipment Manufacturer for the Energy Industry


Muehlhan Surface Protection Inc. – CEO + CFO:   2007 – 2011 

Industrial + refurbishing services for large steel structures such as oil platforms, pipelines, refineries, bridges, ship yards, industrial sites.


A.M.A.  American Management Advisors Inc. -  CEO + Principal Consultant:   1999 – 2007

Turnaround and Growth Strategy Consulting Firm.

He turned around and substantially improved the financial health of 11 companies: Manufacturing, Distribution, Engineering, Steel Fabrication, Construction, Financial Service, Environmental Service, Foord Processing, and High-Tech.


AGIV  Global Private Equity Firm – Executive Vice President + Acting CFO   1996 – 1999

3 U.S. manufacturing companies – Capital Goods, Medical Equipment, Medical Products


Schott Process Systems  -  President + CFO:    1990 – 1995

Manufacturer of Chemical + Pharmaceutical Process Equipment


AEG - Division of Mercedes-Benz / Daimler Group - Financial Manager + Product Manager:  1980 - 1990

Automation Equipment / Industrial Robots + Commercial / Industrial Power Tools


Erich is a Certified Board Director, a Certified Turnaround Professional, and a Certified Fraud Examiner.

Erich received his MBA in Business Management from Marquette University. He also holds an MS in Engineering Management from Drexel University and a BA with focus in Accounting and Finance from Elmhurst College.

He worked and lived in Europe, is very familiar with foreign cultures and business methods. Erich is fluent in German. He is married, has one son, and currently lives in Houston/Texas. His hobby is to study the creation and existence of the Universe (theorectical Physics).